TIDE: Final Conference in Reggio Emilia

After the completion of the TIDE pilot phase and the release of the Final Guidelines, the project Final Conference will be held in Reggio Emilia @ UniMoRe in Viale Allegri 9 on the next July the 12th 2019 – Room D.2.2 Palazzo Dossetti.

<for the detailed agenda see the documents>

TIDE course is now on-line!!

During the public conference in Modena the TIDE course has been officially launched and now is open free of charge for all the users!!! The course is intended as a mini-guide aimed at teachers and operators involved in the delicate phase of guidance for students with Specific Learning Disorders. It contains indications and practical suggestions on how to support these students in the transition from secondary school to university.

To access the course please click here!

TIDE: Multiplier Events

According to the time-schedule Dissemination Events will take place in Athens @ the Capodistrian University on the next March the 29th 2019,  in Vienna @ the Bildungsdirektion für Wien on the same March the 29th 2019 and in London @ the Goldsmiths – University of London on the next April the 10th 2019. The major project findings as well as the tools implemented have been introduced to all the relevant regional stakeholders.

<see documents for the detailed Agendas>

TIDE I.O.1 – Research

The 1st Intellectual Output is now on-line: Comparative research in partner’s countries on norms, regulations and tools supporting people with DSA.

In short, in partner countries there is no specific law on learning disabilities, with the exception of Italy. In the other countries, in fact, dyslexia finds space within laws and decrees related to disability … [see the whole paper in Documents]

TIDE’s first products are now available …

TIDE’s first products are now available on the project website (see DOCUMENTS section)!
The questionnaires are addressed to high schools and university students.
These products can be freely used in ongoing research to contribute to the understanding of the inclusion of Dyslexic students into teaching and learning practice of secondary and tertiary Education and are made available in all the partners’ language.

Meanwhile at the following link (@ track n. 07) you can find the video of the TIDE presentation on the National Conference ‘Dislessia e DSA nel giovane adulto, dieci anni dopo‘ of the last May 2017:

VIDEO (Italian language)